Week 1 – Being introduced to Master Keys

The first day of the Master Keys program was very interesting.  Confusing, somewhat….but interesting!  I think this is going to be such a great time for personal growth.  My biggest challenge right now is developing my Definite Major Purpose.  What is my purpose in life?  I’ve always wondered that.  I know that I’m not terribly happy with my current state of life.  I’m working in an 8-5 job that I feel trapped in.  Oh…I made that choice.  Dave & I had a once-thriving web design business, but he’s wanting to totally retire and take care of his cattle business.  I was so burned out with the day-to-day 24-7 business, I sought out an 8-5.  What I didn’t realize was the freedom it took from me.  I feel like I get up, go to work, eat lunch, go back to work, drive home, fix dinner, take a shower, go to bed, and then it starts over again.  I work for Friday afternoons and then the weekend goes way too fast.  I don’t feel like I make a difference where I work.  I want something that I can get personal satisfaction out of instead of just a paycheck.  I plan on finding that within the Master Keys!