Week 5 – Opinions

eye-rollsOpinions? Well…I have a few. But, during this week’s webinar, Mark and Davene encouraged us NOT to voice our opinion unless we are asked to. Do you know how hard that is for me? Hard!!! Hard to the core!!! I have an opinion on just about everything. Is my opinion right? No…not always. It usually is for me, but not the next person. I had a situation recently where I was talking to another co-worker who had brought up the most recent debate and what he had heard on talk radio that morning. I started telling him about a local head of a religious university here in our area and what he had to say about the situation on talk radio that morning, as well. I was merely repeating what he said on the radio. I did not interject my opinion because I know another co-worker sitting nearby did not agree with anything I had to say and I have been very careful not to offend her. Later in the day, I noticed that she was not talking to me at all. I asked her what I had done to her. She proceeded to tell me that I should keep my “political opinions” to myself and that I offended her. I asked what I said that offended her and she just said that I “offended her”! I honestly did not say anything about color, race, religion – I just repeated what the “minister/head of university” had said and it was not offensive at all. It has taken over a week for her to talk to me again. So, I have learned to keep my trap shut no matter what. Hard lesson, for sure!

So, today, she was talking to another co-worker and they were talking about THEIR political opinions and how some of us are complete idiots if we vote for so and so.  I didn’t say anything…actually I didn’t think anything.  I just got up and left the room to do something else.  I’m sure she had no idea that she was doing the same to me as I has done to her.  But, guess what?  I wear big girl panties and I can take it!  But, I was proud of myself for not even thinking an opinion at the moment!

With this recent challenge, I guess the eye rolls are out, too?? Yes…I will train my mind not to even “think” opinions. Boy….this may be my hardest challenge yet!!! We shall see….


Week 4 – Quitting? Really?

This week, we were told that 100% of us would quit.  Really?  I thought, “I am NOT quitting!”  We were told that some of us would really quit the whole process and some of us would quit giving less than 100%.  I knew I was not going to quit!  But, I also thought, me?  I’m giving 100%.  Well, no I wasn’t – maybe 90%,. maybe 95%, but not 100%.

Today, I AM quitting giving less than 100%.  I am now giving it my all.  I can see where this is leading and I can already see some results!  One of things on my “promise” cards is an exercise that I promised to do every night.  Last night, I went to bed without doing it.  Then, I realized what I had done, got up and completed the exercise!  I want to give 100%

I am also trying to think more positively.  I work with a young man who is SO negative.  Nothing seems to go right in his life, according to him.  He’s got a job; he’s got a beautiful wife; he’s got an adorable little girl.  But, nothing is going right as far as he is concerned.  I told him he needed to think more positive about himself.  He just doesn’t see it.  It’s sad.  But am thinking more positively.  I want good in my life.  I see good in my life.  I know that I can be what I will to be!

I am starting to look at the shapes and colors as I drive to work.  I see them and I try to link them to my PPNs.  I am starting to see the big picture.

I am so excited about what the next few weeks have in store.  I’ve been invited to a family lunch on Sunday.  I told them that I could be there, but I HAD to be home at 3:00 for my webinar.  I’m sure there will be things that come up over the next 5 months, but I will give 100% to being there!  This is going to work for me.  I CAN be what I WILL to be!!!

Week 3 – Sitting Still

Sitting still is SO hard for me!  Part of this experience involves sitting still for at least 15 minutes a day!  I KNOW that I need this in my life!  I KNOW!!!!!  But, it’s really hard.

The first week…we had to sit still for at least 15 minutes and let our mind roam.  Second week…we moved on to sitting still and NOT thinking.  Do you know how hard that is?  I find myself not breathing!  Then, I start thinking about not breathing!  Ha!  This week, we are supposed to sit still, not think, and RELAX.  Really??  Relax?  Don’t think, sit still and RELAX?  I really do need this and I’m trying.  Just trying to find the right place and time.

I usually just go to my car to eat lunch most days at work.  Today, I sat in my car, perfectly still, relaxing and not thinking about a thing!  I think I found my place. Yeah!

I really do need to learn how to relax.  I’ve always been going ninety to nothing – all my life.  When I’m doing nothing, my mind is always working…hard.  So, I need this in my life right now!  I am thanking this MKMMA experience.  I think it’s going to do a lot for me!

Relax, Debbie, relax!!!


Week 2 – Very Challenging

This week has been very challenging.  My son is a High School Football Coach for the Haskell Haymakers.  Friday night was a very bad night for them.  They had four injuries – one was a concussion (his second for the year), one was a leg injury, one a knee injury and the worst one was a head injury.  This player had to be med flighted to a local hospital where he remains in a coma.  This has been very traumatic for my son, fellow coaches and the team.

Tonight there was a prayer vigil at the high school stadium.  Players and parents from the surrounding towns were there to support the players, parents and students from Haskell.  This was such a phenomenal experience.  The power of prayer is what will get this student through this trauma.

So, in light of that, my days and nights have been full with not only working at my 8-5, taking care of my grandkids while my son and his wife go to the hospital, deadlines for my other business and deadlines for this Master Key class.  I feel very overwhelmed.

As I think about the young man in a coma, I think about his conscious and subconscious mind.  What is going on in there?  I know his subconscious mind is controlling his regular functions like his heartbeat and his other bodily functions.  I just wish his conscious mind would wake up and be “the watchman at the gate” again so that he will heal!