Week 7 – I will be what I WILL to Be!

I know not everyone was happy with the election results but my candidate won! Was he the best choice? Maybe not, but he was our nominee and I truly believe he was the only one who could have beat Hillary.

One of the things I noticed about him was that he would “speak” the fact that he was going to win. He had “willed” the fact that he was going to win. He is successful and I’m sure one of the ways he got there was “speaking and “thinking” his desires. He probably learned this very early on and that has accounted for his financial success in life. I don’t know, but we are being taught that we need to “speak” positive into our life, “speak” success into our life, “speak” so that our subby hears what we “will to be”.

Haanel says the the first step is idealization.  Then comes the process of visualization. And the third step is Materialization when it is accomplished.  I’m sure to be successful, our new President-Elect made a mental image of being President and then he had Earnest Desire, Confident Expectation and Firm Demand, which led to Attainment.  This is a quality of successful people,

I have not started my quest for not thinking anything negative yet – My Mental Diet. I had a board meeting on Monday night that I knew was going to be heated. I knew that I would just be starting over after that meeting. It was funny…through all the “heat” of the meeting, I truly was not feeling any negativity. Then, I knew we were having the election on Tuesday. I have been so tied up for the last year learning all I could about the candidates and educating myself on facts. I knew that there would be a lot of negativity throughout the election results evening. I definitely would have had to start over.

So, I start my quest tomorrow. I don’t care what others are saying about Trump or Hillary. I know what I believe and I know how I feel. I am not going to let “their” negativity influence me. It’s over and I’m glad.  Whatever the outcome, I was determined to be content. I knew that the day after the election, November 9th, my Savior would still be King and God would still be on the throne. I knew whose hands this country was truly in. And, I was ready to accept what happened.

I sit here writing this as my co-worker will not even speak to me. I have said nothing about the outcome of the election. I know her candidate did not win. And, she knows mine did. It is an unspoken fact in this office. However, she is treating me as if the outcome is MY fault. Get over it, as Mark would say!!!

Today is a new day and I will address it with love in my heart. I know where my strength comes from and I am happy to accept this day as a new day and a new beginning.


4 thoughts on “Week 7 – I will be what I WILL to Be!

  1. I loved your blog. I, too, could not start this mental diet until after the election was over. That was really good insight on how you can see the evidence of President-Elect Donald Trump’s thoughts that are fired together, are wired together. He was my choice, too.

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  2. I saw this, too, Debbie. I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Hillary, either. However, I can see why people did vote in whatever way they chose. I remember telling my husband last year that I thought Trump would win based solely on the fact that he had the greater “will to win”. You’ve described that process and linked it with current events, very well. 🙂

    Seeing it half way there.

    I feel it makes a difference to speak life into our dreams. What some people interpreted as arrogance may, in fact, simply be this habit of speaking positively as if it were already done.

    The power of positive thought is huge.

    Congrats on your sense of inner peace.

    God Speed on your Mental Diet. ❤

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