Week 12 – Things are starting to happen!

15541339_10211303210199812_1118670091719378990_nThings are really starting to happen for me!  Last week, an old friend started reaching out to me.  She wanted to meet up with me and buy one of my products.  I was really excited to get to see her again.  So, we met after work today.  I thought it would be a quick, short meeting – her buy my product, tell me what she was doing these days and then we would be on our way.

Boy…was I wrong!  We chatted for 3 hours about most of the things that we have been talking about in this Master Key group!  Things she is doing all align with what I am doing.  She even started a group that meets once a month to Mastermind together.  Some of the things she was telling me about aligned perfectly with things I need and am doing.  She’s been the first person that I can truly share my DMP fully with.  It will be SO easy doing my SIT where we talk to a friend about our DMP!  I just did it!

I agreed to try out her group next month.  I am SO excited.  The things she spoke into me were all the words I needed to hear today.  Is this coincidence?  I don’t think so… I can be what I will to be!  I am SO excited about rekindling this friendship and I don’t think she just showed up by accident.  Things are starting to align for me.  I see great things coming.  She even showed me a planning book she had just purchased.  Guess what one of the affirmations was in the book?  “I will persist until I succeed”.  Wow!!!

It’s all starting to come together!!!  Things are starting to happen!  I’m excited!!!


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