Week 17 – It is what it is

“It is what it is” has become my new theme this week.  It has finally dawned on me (never mind that I’ve always been told this) that the ONLY person you can change is yourself.  I cannot change the people around me to be different; I can only change how I react to them.  So, in my negative work world, I may not be able to change the negative people, but I can change ME and possibly it will change the way they react to me or the way I see them. I can make my negative world positive by changing to positive when I’m subjected to negative – The Mental Diet!  What a concept!

I learned about something very interesting this week.  There is a man named Masaru Emoto who, in his experiments, scientifically proved that water responds to words.  He would take various water drops, speak to them and crystallize them.  He said that positive words create tight clusters in water crystals.  Negative words create loose clusters and the smaller the clusters, the longer the water will retain its memory.  If there is too much space between the clusters, other information infiltrates the space and makes it hard for the clusters to hold the integrity of the information allowing other micro-organisms to invade the space.

Slang words, like “you fool” destroys the clusters.  Negative phrases and words created large clusters and would not stay together while positive, beautiful words created tight clusters.

Each word has a vibration whether they are spoken or written.  If you write LOVE, the words have a vibration of love.  If you write negative words, they reflect those vibrations as well.  So, he took water and spoke words to it and when the water froze, the crystals were either beautiful or broken apart depending on the words that were spoken.  He would also tape words on glass bottles of water overnight to see the affects of the words on the water.  When he wrote “Thank You”, “Love and Appreciation”, “Mother Teresa”, the crystals were beautiful and tight.  When he wrote, “You Make Me Sick, I will Kill You” or “Adolph Hitler”, the crystals were ugly and broken apart.

He also did an experiment of the affects of music and pollution on the water crystals.  When Beethoven’s Pastorale was played around the music, the crystals were amazingly beautiful.  But, when Heavy Metal Music was played, the crystals were loose and ugly.  The same with water out of a polluted lake or river versus out of the Fountain in Lourdes, France.  He even showed a picture of water from the Fujiwara Dam before offering a prayer.  And, then the water after offering a prayer!  The latter was beautiful while the former was distorted.

Since our bodies are approximately 60% water, think of the words that are thrown at us each day.  Masaru Emoto’s work shows that we can change our perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in.  We can positively heal and transform ourselves by the thoughts we choose to think or speak.

I think I will choose positive in my life.  I will choose positive thoughts in my negative world and transform my “it is what it is”!!!!





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