Week 17HJ – Letting Old Self Die Takes Time

This week, my word in the Franklin Makeover is “persistence”.  Wow!  I’ve seen a lot of persistence.  From my cat bugging me for something she wants or to get my attention to the salesman that called and called and called this week until I finally called him back!  Sometimes persistence can be irritating!!  But, I have seen persistence in myself as well.  I persist every day in this journey with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance!  I persist through the things we do on a daily basis.  And, I am seeing that old self dying away!

Let me tell you about my day and why I say that this all takes time!  I set my alarm clock for 6:00 every morning, but my internal alarm clock wakes me up at around 4:30 (got the subby working).  I get up, do my skin care regimen, fix my coffee, then I do all the reading that I am committed to for MKMMA.  I then go do my “sit” for about 15 minutes.  Then, my workout for 30 minutes.  It is now about 6:00. I get dressed, eat breakfast, read my email and Facebook and leave the house at 7:00, stop at Quik Trip to get my morning tea, and arrive in my parking lot at work around 7:50 – just in time to get in the office by 8:00.  Whew!  What a morning, but actually I look forward to it.   I don’t see it as work anymore.  I’m actually excited on Monday mornings to read the newest Hanaal’s reading.

You talk about the old self chipping away.  There was a day that I would NEVER even think about getting up at 4:30.  Are you kidding?  I am doing things today that I would have never done before.  I have more courage, more self-control, more kindness and definitely more persistence!  I’m feeling that gold shining through!  Can you see it in me, too?




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