Week 24 – Success

Well, this is our last week of the MKMMA experience.  I was really tested this week because we had my husband’s sister and brother-in-law here for a few days.  I took a few days off to enjoy with them and I was worried about getting my reading in, sitting and being faithful to my diet.  But, because of the habits I have acquired these last 6 months, I was SUCCESSFUL!!!  db60a0e2218fa29608be4637b0020a67

I was able to get up early every morning to get all my reading in.  God gave me awesome weather.  I went out on my back patio and did my sit with nature all around me.  Hearing the birds chirping and watching them carry their nesting materials to their nests put me so close to God that I almost cried.  It was wonderful.

My brother-in-law was on a diet and was watching what he ate, so that made it easier.  But, even if he had not been, I was prepared to be loyal to mine.  I have read my DMP three times a day throughout this experience and one of things in my DMP is that I will be so many pounds lighter by May 2017 by eating healthy foods and working out daily.  I am determined that this will happen and thanks to another Mastermind member coaching me, I am well on my way to that goal.  Having company this week showed me that I can still do this with obstacles in my way.  We even went out to eat 2 days and I made great choices.  I KNOW I can do this and be SUCCESSFUL!!

I am starting to see other parts of my DMP come to fruition. They will take more time and I allowed for that in my DMP.  I see SUCCESS on the horizon!

This has been a great experience and I will probably do it again in the fall!  I highly recommend it to everyone. Many of us are going through life just letting it happen when we could plan the life we have and make it happen the way WE want!  It only took me 60 years to discover this, but at least I can make the most of the life I have left!  The best is yet to come!  I truly believe that!




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