Press Release

house-10242016-smI’m sitting here with Debbie Daniels in the middle of some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen. It’s a 75-acre partial pasture, partial wooded area of land in Stone Bluff, right outside of Haskell, Oklahoma. Debbie and her husband, Dave, have built a beautiful home on this land. It is a two-story, country-looking home with a wraparound porch! We are sitting in a porch swing enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the trees.

I asked Debbie what brought her to this particular piece of land. She said that she has lived in this area since her and Dave got married 37 years ago. A few years ago, the land came up for sale and they were not in a position to purchase it at the time. She has dreamed of that land ever since. Another individual bought the land, but when they approached him last year about purchasing it from him, he was ready to sell. He had found some land in another state that he was interested in and wanted to move on. The timing was right.

They built their dream home in May 2019. They sold their previous home, that was only a mile from this one, in record time and were able to start the building of this lovely home which sports 2500 square feet of well-organized living space. They have 4 bedrbigstock-cows-92900471-smooms to accommodate their grandkids when they come to visit and Debbie’s Mom who comes to visit quite frequently.

Dave has many cows that he lets roam free on the property. It is fun watching him interact with the cows and see their personalities come to life!

Debbie attributes being able to build this home to her success with her online business. She is making a substantial amount of monthly residual income from her many years of building her business to a sustainable level. She has enjoyed watching those she has shared the business with to realize their full potential and realize their dreams as well.

I asked Debbie what she does when she is not working her business and enjoying her new home. She said that her and Dave like to travel to Kauai, Hawaii and enjoy the beauty that God has created in that part of the world. Going to Hawaii gives them peace and tranquility. They travel there at least once per year to enjoy the Island. They have also taken their youngestdisney-world grandchildren to Disney World. Debbie mentioned that they went to Disney World with their oldest grandchildren several years ago and saw how much fun and joy they had. So, she wanted her youngest ones to reap the same joy! They have had so much fun visiting the Animal Kingdom resort and getting to see all the exotic animals that roam around that resort.

In addition to their traveling, they enjoy watching their grandkids in softball, baseball, soccer and football. Living nearby and having the liberty of time on their hands, gives them a chance to see all the games no matter what time of day they happen.

Debbie says that life is good, harmonious and tranquil for them. They will live out their days enjoying nature around them and praising God for the blessings He has bestowed upon them!


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